Directors & Officers

Ed LeeEdward Lee- Chairman of the Board & CEO

A long time entrepreneur in private business in northern British Columbia, Ed was appointed as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Nevada Clean in December 2012.  Previously, he served as the Company’s President.  Ed served on the Boards of American Manganese, Inc. and Goldrea Resources Corp.  Previously, he was a Director and Executive Vice President for Adanac Molybdenum Corp.  With over 13 years’ experience assisting public companies in capital formation and strategic business development, Ed brings Nevada Clean invaluable strategic insight, industry expertise and proven leadership.

James C. SeverJames C. Sever – President & Director

Prior to his appointment as President of Nevada Clean, Jim was President of Alpha Omega Engineering, Inc. of Spokane, Washington providing internal consultation on light metals, production and use; A profession engineer with a masters in metallurgical engineering and an MBA, He has over 40 years’ experience in non-ferrous metals, chemical, industrial and operational management.   Previously, he was employed for ten years by Alcoa and Northwest Alloys, Inc. as Technical Operations Manager for the Addy Magnesium plant located near Spokane.

Dan Koyich
Dan Koyich – Director

Serving as a member of the Board Directors, Dan has been involved as a director of public companies since 1997.  As President of JeanDan Management, Ltd. since 1977, Dan has gained extensive experience in consulting services regarding investor relations, business administration and financing for publicly listed companies.


Bob Brown

Robert “Bob” Brown – Director

Robert brings with him over 50 years of industry experience in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials that includes twenty years in the technical management areas of light metal foundries and reduction plants.  Robert has consulted to major international magnesium companies to assist in evaluation, planning, design, marketing and trouble-shooting new operations.   He has held various positions throughout the many stages and departments of magnesium production and operations.

Annie StoreyAnnie Storey – Chief Financial Officer & Director

Annie brings the Company over 25 years of experience, having provided accounting, financial reporting and corporate services to public and private companies with operations around the world in such industries as mining and exploration, oil and gas, technology, entertainment, manufacturing, real estate and biotechnology.  Her experience includes 12 years in public practice with MNP LLP and KPMG LLP in the areas of audit, accounting and quality control, as well as with other mid-sized firms registered with the Canadian Public Accountability Board and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

As an audit partner, Annie guided clients through complex regulatory environments and assisted them in meeting reporting requirements in both Canada and the United States.  She is proficient in the areas of Canadian Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises, U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Standards, and International Financial Reporting Standards, and has experience with both the Canadian and U.S. tax regimes.

Annie has also held teaching positions with the British Columbia Institute of Technology and the CA School of Business, and controllership positions in the manufacturing and entertainment industries.  She is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C.’s Practice Review & Licensing Committee, the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants’ Practitioners’ Technical Advisory Committee, and regularly serves on the board of nonprofit organizations.

Lothar Maruhn – Director

Lothar serves as the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of ScanMag AS and serves on the Board of Directors of Nevada Clean.  In addition to leading ScanMag AS, he also serves as the CEO of Meløy Næringsutvikling AS, which is comprised of a conglomerate of leading companies and financial institutions in Norway.  For the past 28 years, Lothar has been involved in advancing strategic new business development opportunities in northern Norway with particular emphasis on the public service, tourism and industrial markets.  Previously, he was the CEO of SiPro AS, Scan Quarts AS and Scan Crucible AS, all with focus in either renewable energy or industrial metals.  Lothar is a graduate of Bodø Graduated School of Business, he is fluent in three languages and has earned extensive leadership experience managing multi-national businesses and relationships over his 40+ year professional career.

Lisa Maxwell- Corporate Secretary

Lisa joined Nevada Clean Magnesium in 2013 as Corporate Secretary, bringing the Company over 18 years experience working in close collaboration with the senior leadership of both private and public companies.  She also serves as President and CEO of Sequoia Corporate Services, Inc., a management consulting business she founded in 2010 to educate, assist and support clients with regulatory compliance and corporate governance affairs.  Her many notable clients have included Northern Iron Corporation, Belhara Security Systems, Inc. and Premium Exploration, Inc., among others.  Lisa studied International Business Administration at Capilano College, as well as Website Design and Management at the University of Victoria in Canada.